(Not only) Holiday Snaps

We'd like to share at least some experience and snapshots with you, our riders, no matter whether beginners, experienced riders, stable or occassional guests...

Look at our snapshots taken in the last years:

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You can also view many other photos in our gallery.

Here are the most frequently asked questions our riders have been curious about?

What is the best manner of sitting on the horse?
Here is the most simple piece of advice for those who haven't tried yet:
Settle yourself to feel comfortable, be upright but with ease at the same time.

What shall I do to I stay on?
Use the back of your body and your thighs to hold the horse tight, but not too strongly.

What should I do with the parts of my legs from the knees downwards?
Try to keep them vertically, along the horse's body, with the heals lower than your tiptoes.

And what about my arms?
As far as we are leading you, you can clap your hands or play with a ball if you wish.

What made us laugh the most...

A father of a little rider asked whether
horses also puts their leg aside when having a tinkle.
Well, they don't! :-))))))

And what we didn't find funny...

Do horses also have SEVEN parts of stomach, as cows?
Oh, we guess any pupil attending a secondary school should know this! Especially if she is interested in horses.

For those who have not been taught this yet, here is the answer:
Horses have only ONE stomach
Cows have a stomach consisting of FOUR parts

And how about your knowledge?

Are horses even-toed or odd-toed animals?
And how can you recognize it?

Send your answers to: info@zaluzi.cz.
If your answer is correct, we will send you a picture with one of us.
And if someone does not know? We'll explain them!

Lady, Linda, Fernet and Mája