Prices for accommodation

Prices — valid from January 1, 2018

The price includes the rent and utilities and is dependent on the number of persons. The maximum capacity is 6 people.

Length of Stay Price per Person & Night
One night400,- Kč
Two and more nights350,- Kč

The Council Recreation and Accommodation Fee will be charged at your accession on the sojourn.
This Fee amounts to 10,- Kč / per person per day, for children up to 18 years, people above 70 years and disabled persons 0,- Kč / per person per day.

An extra fee will be charged for each dog. It amounts 50,- Kč per day.

Make sure to deposit a booking fee (prepayment) of 2000,- Kč* to our bank account, at most 7 days after booking your stay (i.e. after today). The remaining part of the cost of your stay will be charged at your arrival.

There's no booking fee reguired for the "Last minute" stays.

*) In case of less than 3 nights stay, the booking fee is 500,- Kč.