We offer horse-riding both for beginners and advanced riders. It is not necessary to be accommodated in the hunting lodge Zaluzi to be allowed to take rides.

What you can expect...

Nowadays, four horses are available for horse-riding at our place: Fernet, Maja, Bobik and Gaston.
We will lead children and beginners, while advanced horsemen may ride our horses on their own (accompanied by our people).

  • trip rides to surroundings
  • outdoor rides depend on certain conditions, such as weather
  • several riders may take turns in an hour
  • guests accommodated in the lodge are always preffered and they can participate in morning feeding, washing and combing
  • if you just happen to pass by or to spare your vacation nearby, you can reserve a ride date by telephone
  • the price for a ride (including the theory lessons and excercises to get relaxed) is 400,- Kč/hour
  • for our guests, accommodated in the lodge, the price for a ride is 350,- Kč/hour

Even though we try to keep our horses as calm as possible, they are just animals. Therefore, please, bear in mind that you ride our horses at your own risk and you are also responsible for your children.
It is recommended to equip at least your children with helmets which are also available on demand.